Food Waste Prevention Tips for the Holiday Season

A key part of the holiday season is good food, lots of it. As you gear up for your winter festivities consider some of the following food waste prevention tips from the World Watch Institute:

  • Serve the right portions. It can be tempting to overproduce for fear of running out. A way around this is to calculate the portion size for each guest and then make the recipe accordingly. Love Food Hate Waste has a portion planner that can be used to determine the appropriate quantity
  • Create a shopping list before heading to the grocery store. This will prevent unnecessary purchases.
  • Provide guests with smaller plates to reduce the amount they serve themselves.
  • Encourage self-serve so guests can select the appropriate portion for their appetites.
  • Store leftovers properly to keep these items fresh for future meals.
  • Compost food scraps that can’t be used for another meal.
  • Consider ways to use leftovers for other meals throughout the holiday season. For example leftover chicken can be used as a stock for a delicious soup.
  • Donate excess food to food banks. Feeding America has a list of food banks throughout the country.
  • Consider food gifts carefully. Steer clear of perishable items and keep the taste preferences of the other individual in mind.

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