Cal Dining Reduces Food Waste by 35%


This fall Cal Dining launched a food waste prevention project in conjunction with Stop Waste. Using LeanPath systems Cal Dining has seen a significant reduction in waste. By the end of fall semester they achieved a 35% reduction in pre-consumer (kitchen) food waste

According to Associate Director of Residential Dining, Chuck Davies “Once you pay close attention to your food prep routines and which ones result in the largest amounts of kitchen waste, it’s pretty easy to make changes that really affect the bottom line. Since the program started last August, we have reduced kitchen waste by over a third.” A one third savings in food waste translates to cost savings. To date Cal Dining has avoided $1,600 in food purchases every week by literally keeping dollars out of the trash can.

When the spring semester starts later this month Cal Dining will continue to fine-tune their operations to further prevent pre-consumer food waste.

Click here to learn more about the Cal Dining- Stop Waste partnership.


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