New Food Waste Infographic

Food waste is a global problem of breathtaking scope. A third of all food globally is wasted. And within the U.S. it’s even worse: 40% of food is not eaten—a 50% rise from the 1970s.

As foodservice operators, many of us are trying to get upper management to focus on this issue and do something about it. That’s one of the reasons LeanPath created a new food waste infographic: to shine light on the food waste problem, bringing alarming statistics and information together in one place to help tell the story. But we didn’t stop there. We also highlighted what we believe is the solution: prevention.

LeanPath analysis concludes that foodservice operators throw out an average of 4-10% of food before it reaches consumers, which equates to $8-20 billion of food waste in the U.S. out-of-home foodservice and restaurant industry every year. By focusing on food waste prevention through daily tracking, you can help solve this crisis!

Check out the infographic below or visit to share it with your friends and colleagues.

The Food Waste Crisis

LeanPath Food Waste Infographic


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