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Propaganda or Timeless Directive? Food Waste Messages from the Two World Wars

By Janet Haugan, Vice President of Customer Success  ///  February 16, 2014

During the tumultuous times of World Wars I & II, the US government made it very clear that every citizen had a part to play, and the US Food Administration launched campaigns that encouraged US citizens to change their habits surrounding the production and consumption of food. Suddenly, to waste food was to betray the country and all it stood for. The USFA published poster after poster to promote wasting less food, growing home gardens, and eating different types of food so that soldiers could get the food they needed.

While these images were powerful pieces of propaganda in their time, it’s interesting to note how relevant the messaging still is today. There is a clear, engaging and timeless call to action to be more responsible about resources and waste less food. And although we don’t find ourselves in the midst of an international war on the scale of WWI or WWII right now, it’s as important as ever to heed the words in these posters. With one-third of global food never reaching a mouth, the messages in these posters can certainly teach us a thing or two about food conservation. Share the posters below to spread the word, and let’s all work to make 2014 the year of food waste reduction.

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Posters from the US Food Administration from World War I and World War II

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