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LeanPath and the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger Team Up to Ensure Food Goes to Hungry Seniors, Not Trash Bins

By Janet Haugan, Vice President of Customer Success  ///  December 11, 2014

New “What a Waste”™ Program Launches Nationwide, with Washington D.C. as the First Stop


Portland, OR – December 11, 2014  Today LeanPath and the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger (NFESH) announced that they are teaming up to help feed more hungry seniors by focusing on food waste prevention across community-based, nonprofit nutrition programs that provide meals to seniors. LeanPath technologies, which enable kitchens and food programs to easily measure, monitor and diagnose food waste issues, will be used from the pantry to the kitchen to the dining room to evaluate how much of the food that’s supposed to be feeding seniors has been  going to waste.

The program, called “What a Waste™,” is an innovative anti-hunger initiative, designed by the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger. It teaches senior nutrition programs how to identify unnecessary food waste and reduce it, so the programs are able to feed more seniors with the limited resources they have available.

“There are millions of seniors in this country who suffer from food insecurity and hunger,” explains Enid Borden, President and CEO of NFESH. “At the same time, we know that on a macro level, kitchens of all types across our country throw away one-third of the food that’s produced. Through ‘What a Waste’ we are exposing these two issues in a way that creates one very viable solution: minimize as much food waste as possible so we can use that nutritious food to feed more hungry seniors and divert unavoidable waste from landfill to compost to create nutrient rich soil for growing.”

“Our mission at LeanPath is to make food waste prevention easy, and this involves making sure that edible excess food never becomes waste,” explains Andrew Shakman, LeanPath Founder and CEO. “We’ve worked with many foodservice operations to achieve this, but ‘What a Waste’ brings our technology to non-profit programs in a new context, helping them operate more efficiently and conserve nutritious, delicious food to meet the needs of food-insecure seniors. We’re very excited to partner with Enid and NFESH and be part of such an important and high-impact vision.”

The first location of the “What a Waste” program, which launched in September 2014, is the greater Washington D.C. area. There, a central production kitchen is tracking all food waste created while preparing meals and three individual senior wellness centers are tracking all food waste that is discarded in the centers—both food that’s not served and food left on seniors’ plates. NFESH is working on-site with kitchen staff, instructing them in how to accurately monitor food waste and calculate its cost. NFESH also monitors this data on an ongoing basis and uses the information to help each partner create and subsequently implement a customized waste reduction plan.

To learn more about What a Waste, visit http://www.nfesh.org/what-a-waste/


The National Foundation to End Senior Hunger (NFESH) is committed to bringing together the best minds in all sectors; commissioning research; and exploring social entrepreneurial innovations to seek long-term, sustainable solutions to end senior hunger. NFESH has been in existence for over a decade. We are a non-profit foundation seeking solutions to a vexing problem that has either been ignored or assumed to be adequately addressed. For more information, visit http://www.nfesh.org/

LeanPath, Inc. provides food waste prevention systems which enable foodservice professionals to dramatically reduce food waste, lower food costs, and operate more sustainable facilities. Clients include Cal Dining at the University of California, Berkeley, the MGM Grand Las Vegas and Sodexo North America. LeanPath has been featured in BusinessWeek, NPR, Forbes and many food industry publications. For more information, visit www.leanpath.com

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