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New Report: Global Food Waste to Increase by 1/3, LeanPath Part of the Solution

By Leanpath  ///  August 23, 2018


Food waste could rise by almost a third by 2030, driven by growing world population and greater consumption in developing nations, according to a sobering new study, which identified LeanPath as part of the global solution.

Despite a United Nations target to halve food waste by 2030, if trends continue, the amount will instead grow, according to the Boston Consulting Group’s report, from 1.6 to 2.1 billion tons annually, worth $1.5 trillion dollars.

“The scale of the problem is staggering,” states the report’s authors. “The amounts of waste and the social, economic and environmental implications are serious if we don't change the trajectory. When we fight food loss and waste, we also fight hunger, poverty and global warming.

The report identifies foodservice corporations as key players in driving down food waste, offering a series of strategies, among them “awareness.”

“[C]ompanies need to ensure that employees have the skills to manage inventory efficiently and properly repurpose and recycle waste. For instance, Sodexo and Ikea have partnered with food waste technology company LeanPath to implement a food waste tracking system in their food production operations. The system not only tracks and measures waste but also identifies the causes, including overproduction, trim waste, and spoilage. The goal is to raise food service employees’ awareness and change their behavior, using tools such as automatic goal setting and instant alerts.”

Other suggested strategies include localizing supply chains to reduce carbon emissions and spoilage, and advocating for regulations to bring common sense to date labeling.

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