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Andrew Shakman Recognized with Green Award

By Leanpath  ///  April 30, 2018


At an award ceremony in Denver, Colorado, in April, the Foodservice Consultants Society International recognized our CEO Andrew Shakman with its Green Award. It is the first time the award has been given since 2012 and recognizes Andrew's and LeanPath’s impact on food waste prevention: 20 million pounds of food waste prevented globally since 2014 alone.

In comments, FCSI Executive Director Wade Koehler (pictured, right, with Andrew) said, “Our FCSI Green Award recognizes and applauds exemplary efforts in ecology and sustainability. This award honors a firm or individual in the foodservice and hospitality industry that has created an innovative environmental operation, product or approach to operations that has improved the environmental standards and conditions of the operation or industry as a whole. This individual is a personal friend to FCSI having spoke at our events and written articles for our publications. Way overdue for this award, I would like to present the 2018 Green Award to Mr. Andrew Shakman.”

We could not be more proud!