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Guardians of Grub campaign empowers foodservice professionals to reduce food waste

Posted by Leanpath on September 5, 2019

A bold new foodservice industry campaign called Guardians of Grub, is empowering foodservice professionals in the UK and beyond to Stand Up for Food and reduce food waste during the month of September.
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Topics: Announcements, Kitchen Culture

Big food waste reduction in a grocery’s central kitchen

Posted by Leanpath on August 30, 2019

In five months using Leanpath, New Seasons Market's Central Kitchen has prevented over 46 thousand pounds of food from being wasted, a reduction of 22 percent in its waste. High staff engagement and strong data analysis has produced many positive changes in the team, and a new level of gratification to their work.

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Top food waste sources and how to prevent them: Equipment Failure

Posted by Robb White, CEC CCA AAC; Executive Chef & Food Waste Prevention Catalyst on August 23, 2019

As Leanpath's full time Executive Chef, I've trained and coached hundreds of chefs and managers on preventing food waste in their operations. When you spend this much time with frontline foodservice workers, hearing their food waste successes and horror stories, valuable trends emerge. One of the most aggravating food loss reasons I hear about all the time is equipment failure. As chefs and managers, we trust our kitchen tools, sometimes too much. Here are a few questions to ask your staff to prevent food waste due to equipment failure.

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Questions I get asked: How does a food waste tracking device fit into my kitchen?

Posted by Aspen Mayberry, Implementation Operations Manager on August 15, 2019

Bringing a new piece of equipment into a busy kitchen is never a decision to be taken lightly. And since food waste prevention is often a brand new part of the kitchen workflow, it’s understandable that there could be a lot of questions about what it means for your processes and team. In the last two years, I’ve visited over 120 kitchens, training them on preventing food waste with Leanpath. Here are the most common questions I get asked about introducing Leanpath equipment into foodservice kitchens. 

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Topics: Kitchen Culture

How to think about the new UN climate report

Posted by Sam Smith, Director of Marketing on August 8, 2019

It is very hard to read the latest UN report on climate change. Not technically challenging - it’s written in very clear, stark language - but emotionally difficult. The problems are so big, so daunting, it’s hard to keep it all in your head at once. So it’s worth remembering as we are faced again with the enormity of the problem, that the way to deal with any big challenge is to break it down into manageable pieces, and focus on those. For foodservice kitchens, the manageable piece of the climate challenge is preventing food waste.

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