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Community Spotlight: Gundersen Lutheran Health System

By Janet Haugan, Vice President of Customer Success  ///  December 14, 2013


Chef Thomas Sacksteder, Certified Executive Chef, joined the Gundersen Lutheran Health System in 1997, where he oversees specialty items in the kitchen and acts as a project manager, generating and supervising new initiatives. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., and has more than 40 years of cooking experience. He got his start in his family’s restaurant, “Sacksteder’s,” in Dayton, Ohio.

Chef Thomas' team at Gundersen Lutheran implemented the LeanPath Food Waste Tracking System in June of 2010.

His expectations for food waste tracking:

“I expected to see the amount of waste to decrease, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the continued success we are seeing. By involving our entire staff, we have been able to closely monitor food waste, decrease our contribution to the food waste stream and make sizeable food donations to local charitable organizations.”

Tips for success:

“Share the enthusiasm for the program and get as many staff members involved as possible. Meet regularly and follow up with the reports the program generates. LeanPath is a wonderful program, and it will enable anyone willing to put forth the effort to succeed. We also shot a video showing the proper ways to process vegetables, directing our staff ion how to minimize vegetable waste.”

His advice for new managers/chefs starting the program:

“Just do it. The program is not difficult and the support team is the best—they are always there to assist when needed, ready to help take your individual program to the next level.”

“With the Lean Path program, we have been able to reduce waste by 70-80% and approximately 50% of the remaining waste goes to local food banks to feed the less fortunate.”

For more about Gundersen Lutheran's success with LeanPath Food Waste Tracking Systems, watch a short news coverage video or click below to read their case study.

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