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Big Opportunity for Corporations to Gain Loyalty Via Sustainability

By CJ Bonge, Marketing Coordinator  ///  June 4, 2018


New research shows that Americans care deeply about sustainability but are facing an overwhelming feeling of helplessness in the face of such a large issue. The upshot: people are depending on corporations to drive sustainability, and rewarding companies that do with loyalty.

The Shelton Group, a communications firm focused on sustainability, found that
88 percent of Americans believe people should take actions to reduce environmental impact. But it also found that over 60 percent of those Americans will pick comfort over taking actions to protect the environment (no wonder the national recycling rate is only 35 percent).


So they are outsourcing their desire for sustainability to corporations:

  • 59 percent of millennials look to companies to solve social and environmental problems they feel they can’t address (or would rather not have to).
  • 64 percent of Americans say a company's environmental reputation impacts their purchase decisions.
  • 60 percent of Americans say corporate social responsibility activities positively impact their purchase intent.
  • Nearly one-fifth of Americans can now name a brand they’ve purchased – or not purchased – because of the environmental record of the manufacturer.
  • 45 percent of Americans wish to be seen as someone who buys eco-friendly products, a percentage that has grown steadily over the last six years.


Looking for a way to get in on the action and leverage sustainability to drive brand loyalty? Here’s your official invitation. One of the highest profile routes to increasing corporate sustainability is food waste prevention. Food waste is a global crisis that has drastic environmental, social, and economic impact, and the whole world is buzzing about it. Huge names in national and international business are already engaged in preventing food waste while increasing their margins and creating meaningful PR around their boost in corporate social responsibility. The shift in global consumer behavior toward sustainable companies is underway. How has your team positioned itself to be the sustainable leader your consumers want to follow?

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