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How the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa Edinburgh cut waste 64%

By Leanpath  ///  February 12, 2020


Executive Chef Shaun Woodhouse and his team at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa Edinburgh discovered opportunities to cut their waste and began changing purchasing and prep to drive results, which have been impressive: a 64% reduction in food waste value and a 58% reduction in weight. They’ve maintained these levels over time as Leanpath became a “business as usual” component of their kitchen. “The support from Leanpath has been great.”

“When I first saw the Leanpath reports I was amazed at the level of food waste,” says Chef Shaun. “It wasn’t just the wasted food, but the wasted labor in cooking the food.”

The Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa Edinburgh, a Marriott property, is a part of the Sheraton Grand tier, a collection of premium hotels and resorts. The 180-room hotel has 24/7 dining options as well as an events calendar and a newly opened banquet room.

Sustainability is deeply ingrained at the facility: carbon offset programs, energy efficient air conditioning, smart irrigation, high-efficiency lighting and more. Partnering with Leanpath beginning in late 2018 was a natural step towards helping to achieve Marriott’s “Serve 360” goal of reducing food waste 50% by  2025.

By tracking food waste, discovering food waste prevention opportunities, and setting goals to focus their team’s effort, Chef Shaun and his team first addressed overproduction in the staff canteen, then tackled excessive trim waste.

Successes have included a Goal to reduce soup waste by 20% (reduced it by 49%), vegetable waste by 15% (reduced by 52%) and reduced melon waste by 50% (reduced by 53%).

“You waste food every day, but you don’t know how much. Leanpath allows you to see the waste and understand where to focus your efforts to reduce it,”  says executive Sous Chef Billy Wardlaw.

Learn their strategies for food waste prevention and how they are helping Marriott meet their sustainability goals in our exclusive case study.

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