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See what 15 years of innovation has meant to the foodservice industry

By Leanpath  ///  April 24, 2019

leanpath 15th anniversary video


One of the best things about preventing food waste as long as we have is that you make a lot of friends along the way. A few of them, including IKEA’s Michael La Cour, Google’s Kristen Rainey, Toast Ale’s Tristram Stuart and more, helped us celebrate. Watch the video.


HubSpot Video


“Working with Leanpath has been one of the highlights of my time at Google.”
Kristen Rainey
Global Food Program, Google

“We found friends that share our vision for a greater future for people and the planet.”
Michael La Cour
Managing Director of IKEA Food Services

“We at Sodexo have set really aggressive goals around reducing our food loss and waste. Leanpath has been a vital partner in creating innovative ways that we can actually meet these goals."
Nell Fry
Senior Manager of Sustainability, Sodexo

“15 years of kicking food waste’s ass!”
Tristram Stuart
Founder, Toast Ale


We’re humbled and profoundly grateful to all the people and organizations we’ve had the pleasure to work with. Our mission is to make food waste prevention and measurement everyday practice in the world’s kitchens. And we are as committed today as we were on day one.

To learn more about Leanpath's journey, read our Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Shakman's reflections on 15 years of food waste prevention.


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