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LeanPath Zap Debut at the 2014 National Restaurant Show

By Audrey Copeland, Director of Channels & Partnerships  ///  May 23, 2014

The LeanPath team just returned from four jam-packed days at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago, where we were excited to debut our newest food waste monitoring solution for restaurants.

For those of you that have known LeanPath for years, you know that we have been focused primarily on assisting high-volume foodservice operations with waste reduction: colleges, hospitals, hotels, etc. Although we continue to specialize in fully automated solutions for high-volume operators, about a year ago we thought hard about how we could expand our mission to fight global food waste by developing our solutions to meet the needs of more operators. We knew that restaurants and lower-volume operations needed a way to monitor and minimize food waste as much as the big operations did, and they needed an easy and effective way to do it.

Fast forward to the NRA Show earlier this week and our debut of LeanPath Zap. This solution leverages LeanPath’s proprietary food waste tracking software, but runs on a standard tablet device and can be used with any kitchen scale already in the operation. Staff members use the tablet to record all food headed for the trash, noting where it’s coming from and why they’re throwing it out. The data collected is transmitted wirelessly to the LeanPath Online analytics warehouse, where chefs and managers can view dashboards and reports, and set up text or email alerts to spot opportunities that require action. The complete solution is available for a low monthly fee.

At LeanPath, we are very excited to now help restaurants, caterers, schools and other lower-volume operations by giving them access to the very best tools to fight food waste.

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