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James Beard Foundation & LeanPath Team Up to Prevent Food Waste

By Leanpath  ///  October 9, 2018


Oct. 9, 2018 - The James Beard Foundation today announced the launch of Waste Not, a multi-year campaign designed to encourage culinary professionals and home cooks to reduce food waste. LeanPath is the foundation’s official food waste tracking partner and is providing tracking technology and analytics for the campaign’s new “Creating a Full-Use Kitchen” curriculum for culinary professionals.

The curriculum is focused on educating chef-instructors in a “train the trainer” approach so that they can not only implement food waste reduction concepts in their kitchens, but also instill a food waste reduction mindset among their students.

The program provides resources and tools to instructors, including access to LeanPath’s food waste prevention software and support. The chef-instructors will educate themselves and their students on the critical role measurement plays in understanding and preventing food waste. Commercial kitchens that install LeanPath technology see an average 50 percent reduction in their food waste levels in one year.

“Chefs are a leading voice for change,” said Clare Reichenbach, JBF Chief Executive Officer. “Every day in restaurant kitchens, chefs demonstrate how a full-use perspective on ingredients results in food that is more flavorful, sustainable, and economically responsible.”

"Chefs are in a unique position to advocate for responsible use of our precious food resources,” said LeanPath VP of Food Waste Prevention Steven Finn. “At LeanPath, we are thrilled to partner with the James Beard Foundation to provide culinary instructors with the tools and knowledge needed to instill a food waste prevention focus in the next generation of culinary professionals."

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