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LeanPath Recognized for Support of UN Target 12.3

By Steven Finn, Vice President of Food Waste Prevention.  ///  October 27, 2017


LeanPath has been recognized by the World Resources Institute (WRI) as one of its “Friends of Champions,” a group of purpose-driven organizations working to halve global food waste by 2030.

LeanPath joins a group of select international companies and NGOs doing pivotal work toward achieving this ambitious food waste reduction goal, spelled out in Target 12.3 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition to leading a collaborative effort to develop a standard for the measurement and reporting of food loss and waste, WRI is leading broad awareness efforts on the imperative of achieving the 2030 goal through its Champions 12.3 effort. Champions 12.3 is a coalition of leaders and executives from multiple sectors of the food system committed to “inspiring ambition, mobilizing action, and accelerating progress” toward achieving Target 12.3. Champions include leaders from LeanPath clients IKEA and Sodexo, as well as leaders from Nestle, Kellogg Company, Campbell Soup, and sustainability-minded NGOs.

Through WRI, the UN and many other NGOs there is growing recognition that we can’t keep wasting scarce resources, throwing away 30 to 50 percent of our food while 800 million people still go hungry.

And there is urgency to bringing sustainable solutions to the food system as the rising population of the next 30 years will include an expanded middle class with higher demand for resource-intensive food like meat protein.

That’s where the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals come into play. The goals are a collection of 17 ambitious objectives – such as ending hunger, ensuring clean water, and combating climate change -- designed to “transform our world” by creating a sustainable, equitable, secure future for mankind.

Goal 12 focuses on ensuring sustainable consumption patterns by “doing more and better with less” – increasing the gains from economic activities, while reducing the negative impacts of production on the environment. Nowhere is that concept more important than in the food system, as Target 12.3 makes clear.

Target 12.3 is a key driver for LeanPath. It motivates us, not only as a business, but as a group of individuals committed to making a meaningful difference in the world. We're proud to be recognized for that dedication.

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