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LeanPath wins Sodexo Vendor of the Year Award

By Leanpath  ///  July 20, 2018


At its June banquet in Washington, DC, Sodexo presented LeanPath with its 2018 Vendor of the Year Award in the category of Better Tomorrow 2025, Sodexo’s ambitious corporate responsibility roadmap. We are extremely honored by this recognition. We began a focused partnership with Sodexo in 2010. In 2016 we launched the development of the WasteWatch powered by LeanPath customized food waste tracking platform that is currently being deployed at Sodexo sites worldwide. Judy Panayos, Sodexo’s Senior Director Performance, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, presented the award and had these blush-worthy comments:

“LeanPath is a leader in the war on waste, providing innovative systems and solutions that are integral to reaching our Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments. LeanPath leverages cutting-edge technology, powerful data and trainings proven to change behavior to help organizations understand how and why food is being wasted. Their program empowers organizations to take decisive action to achieve real, measurable results. Over the 10 years of our partnership, LeanPath and Sodexo developed the highly-customized “WasteWatch powered by LeanPath” food loss prevention program, to help [reduce] wasted food at our sites by 50%. This program focuses on behavioral change and provides tremendous value to Sodexo, and to our clients, by aligning with corporate social responsibility goals, reducing cost and differentiating ourselves from the competition. Together, we are working to make food waste prevention a standard practice at all Sodexo sites worldwide, and help solve the global food waste crisis.“

Pictured: Dean Johnson (CEO, North American Service Operations), Judy Panayos (Senior Director Performance, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility), Steven Finn (LeanPath VP of Food Waste Prevention), and Jim Pazzanese (VP of Supply Management)

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