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New Study Links Healthy Diet, Food Waste and Climate Change

By Leanpath  ///  January 17, 2019

 BP Lancet

How do we feed a growing population without destroying the planet?

A comprehensive new report attempts to answer that question and in doing so draws a clear connection between feeding the globe a healthy diet and the imperative to reduce food waste.

Published in the medical journal The Lancet and written by 37 scientists from around the globe, the study  recommends a global shift toward a more plant-based diet, improving nutrition and supporting a sustainable food supply chain that can feed 10 billion people by 2050.

The most striking element of a report focused on dietary needs, is its conclusion that food waste reduction must be factored:  

"Substantially reducing food losses at the production side and food waste at the consumption side is essential for the global food system to stay within a safe operating space."

The paper proposes 5 strategies for transforming the global food system, stating that "delaying action will only increase the likelihood of serious, even disastrous consequences".

  1. Seek international and national commitment to shift toward healthy diets
  2. Reorient agricultural priorities from producing high quantities of food to producing healthy food
  3. Sustainably intensify food production to increase high-quality output
  4. Strong and coordinated governance of land and oceans
  5. At least halve food losses and waste, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals

This is not the first time we're hearing this advice. The strategies in this report are the latest addition to the existing mountain of global food system management proposals and policies, imploring the planet to reduce food waste. Check out the following articles and subscribe to the Leanpath Food Waste Intelligence Blog to stay on top of industry defining news and publications.

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