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LeanPath team digs deep for World Food Day 2018

By Leanpath  ///  October 16, 2018


At LeanPath, we’re excited that World Food Day, October 16th, has once again arrived. Given the need to sustainably feed 9.6 billion citizens by 2050, and the many challenges in the global food system that we currently face, it is indeed an important event on the calendar – and it means a lot to us.

World Food Day commemorates the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945.  Each year, a key theme related to global food security is selected to heighten awareness of the scale of the problem and the need for solutions. This year’s theme is entitled “Our Actions are our Future: A #Zero Hunger world by 2030 is possible.” 

We’re committed to supporting World Food Day, because we believe that food is precious, and we’re taking action.  This month, team (and family) members from our Portland, Oregon, office volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank’s Community Farm, where they helped prepare the 2.5 acre educational farm for winter. The team mulched, weeded, and assisted with the multitude of tasks it takes to help this organization empower food justice and sovereignty for families in the Portland metro area. 

Weeding Solve-Hunger Janet-CJ-Digging-it-

Above: LeanPath Team and Family digging in at the Oregon Food Bank Community Farm

Further, our UK office team will be volunteering at City Harvest London, an organization focused on capturing high-quality food that would otherwise go to waste and redistributing it to those in need – benefiting both people and planet.

Every day at LeanPath we work to rid the world of food waste. Since 2014 alone, LeanPath has prevented over 25 million pounds of food waste in 32 countries. Along with the positive impact that has on the environment, it also helps build a more sustainable food system for everyone. 

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