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Food waste ranks highest among F&B customer concerns

By Leanpath  ///  July 9, 2020


A new global survey has found the majority of consumers expect food and beverage companies to focus first and foremost on “doing the most good for society” over “satisfying consumer demand” and that the primary means of doing good for society is reducing food waste.

The 2020 Global Food Trends Report was conducted by communications firm Edelman with the goal of identifying key factors in establishing trust between F&B (Food & Beverage) companies and consumers. Researchers surveyed over 13,000 respondents in 13 global markets from March 11-30 of this year. Researchers also reviewed traditional and social media for the past year to help identify trends.

The research uncovered five key takeaways for all F&B brands, regardless of category. The first: “People expect food & beverage companies to step up and make a difference in the here and now; food waste and access being the key priorities.”

The other key findings included the need for transparency, partnering with consumers, appealing to individuals over the masses and the need for sustained trust driving activities, rather than one-off efforts.

As the report states, “Doing good for society is becoming an expectation for F&B companies.” When asked what F&B companies should focus on “first and foremost” 42 percent ranked “doing the most food for society” over “satisfying consumer demand,” with 34 percent ranking them equal. Only 1 in 5 respondents felt F&B companies should “stay the course,” while the majority want to see the industry embrace new and innovative ways to manage the food system.

This new data builds on previously released research from the UK's Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) showing increased consumer focus on food waste as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Many F&B brands are already responding to the food waste crisis and using Leanpath solutions to share their food waste reduction success publicly (meeting the need for transparency in building trust). Visit our Industries page to see how some of these companies are addressing food waste–and building trust.


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