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Leanpath receives high sustainability impact ranking

By Steven M. Finn  ///  February 10, 2020


Forward Fooding has released its inaugural FoodTech 500 list – a ranking of the top global AgriFoodTech startups “at the intersection of food, technology, and sustainability” – patterned after the Fortune 500 listing. Leanpath was pleased to be ranked #16 – the highest ranking for a food waste solution – in recognition of the positive impact that we have on making the food system more sustainable by driving food waste prevention at scale. 

Forward Fooding is a new global network of entrepreneurs fostering innovation to redesign the food system, emphasizing technology and collaboration. The group recognizes the critical role that FoodTech organizations will play in solving key food system challenges such as feeding nearly 10 billion global citizens by 2050, reversing the negative effects of climate change, and reducing the staggering amount of food that is lost and wasted annually.

The ranking was based on a combination of predicted business growth related to business size and digital footprint, along with a sustainability score based on the organization’s impact on a specific Sustainable Development Goal

Prevention is the most powerful point of the food waste hierarchy because it avoids all of the resource consumption and environmental impacts that would otherwise occur through the entire food supply chain journey – from farm to fork. In the last six years alone, Leanpath has prevented more than 50 million pounds of food waste – the equivalent of saving nearly 42 million meals, saving more than 20 billion gallons of water, and removing the annual emissions impact of more than 33,000 automobiles – and we are excited to see recognition of that work. 

And with 2020 ushering in the Decade of Action – with heightened focus on urgent action to close measurement gaps and accelerate food loss and waste reduction at scale to meet the Target 12.3 Goal – we are well on our way toward our next goal of 100 million pounds of food waste prevented.

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