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Leanpath launches mobile food waste measuring device for COVID-era menus

By Leanpath  ///  August 3, 2020


Introducing our newest food waste Tracker, Leanpath Go, a mobile, item-based tracking platform specifically designed to respond to the industry’s COVID-era needs.

We heard you: to reduce contact and increase social distancing and sanitation, you are doing more grab-and-go, offering more pre-portioned take out, and creating more dispersed dining service.

Leanpath Go introduces a unique “each”-based tracking interface that lets operators measure food waste by the item instead of by weight. No scale means Leanpath Go can be taken almost anywhere. 

“We are seeing a dramatic shift away from the traditional high-volume service styles such as buffets and salad bars,” says Leanpath CEO Andrew Shakman. “They are being replaced by grab-and-go stations and curated food bars. Leanpath Go meets these new industry needs as well as the needs of any operation where measurement by unit is preferable to measurement by weight, like convenience stores, coffee shops, and grocers.”

Leanpath Go measures waste on an “each” basis when the unit and unit cost are distinct. A pre-packaged turkey sandwich with chips and a pickle spear, for example, is a single unit with a cost-of-goods already assigned to it. Leanpath Go’s picture-based interface allows the user to tap to track one item, or tap-and-hold for fast, multi-item tracking. Like all Leanpath Trackers, the data captured on Leanpath Go is immediately uploaded to our robust cloud-based analytics platform to identify high-waste areas and prevention opportunities in real time. 

Not a time to ignore food waste

Food waste prevention is more important now than ever. Based on Leanpath data, low volume operations actually create higher percentages of food waste. As the foodservice industry slowly reopens from COVID-19 shutdowns, it will see lower volumes as the norm. (Read about other new realities the industry is facing and how they can be addressed on our COVID-19 food waste resources page.)

“There are a lot of things impacting the foodservice industry right now that are outside its control,” says Shakman. “Food waste doesn’t have to be one of them. We’re introducing Leanpath Go to help more operations manage their food waste at a time when margins are even tighter than normal.”

Leanpath is responding to the needs of a changing industry, because the importance of controlling food waste hasn’t changed. Leanpath Go is the first in a series of innovations the company is announcing that specifically address new industry realities brought on by the pandemic.

Contact us today to find out more about Leanpath Go and how Leanpath’s proven food waste prevention platform can meet your needs, scale and budget.


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