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Free resources: Focusing on kitchen efficiency during slow times

By Leanpath  ///  March 13, 2020


The impact of COVID-19 on the foodservice and hospitality industry is hitting fast and, at least for now, hard. During any time of uncertainty, it’s important to focus on what you can actually control. There are ways kitchens can increase efficiency during slow times--or anytime for that matter--and take greater control of the impact of that slow down on their bottom line. 

We’ve collected a few of our resources, along with some insight from others, on running a more efficient kitchen.

Reducing food waste is, of course, where Leanpath focuses its attention and is an area where any kitchen can be more efficient. Tracking food waste is critical, but whether you are a Leanpath client or not, you can take lessons from these food waste resources and begin taking control of your food waste.

There are other areas, beyond reducing food waste, where kitchens can gain greater efficiencies. We compiled a few guides from around the Web.

Download these guides and get started
on your food waste prevention journey today!

wp-20-tips wp-buffet wp-teams
20 Waste Cutting Tips Every Foodservice Chef Should Know Preventing Food Waste at the Buffet: A Guide for Chefs & Managers Empowering & Engaging Culinary Teams to Prevent Food Waste

Topics: Kitchen Culture, Food Waste Strategies, COVID-19