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See how Sodexo prevents food waste with Leanpath

By Leanpath  ///  May 23, 2019


In 2017, Sodexo automated its food waste tracking program, WasteWatch, creating WasteWatch powered by Leanpath. In May 2019, Sodexo announced it will roll out WWxLP to 3,000 sites worldwide. We visited two U.S. sites to understand their success in preventing food waste with Leanpath.

The two sites combined have prevented 50 percent of their food waste.

“There's two sides of it,” explains Sodexo Executive Chef Preston Ogden. “There's the financial advantage…, with less food that you waste the less you have to spend on more food. And then there's the social advantage to it. The less we waste the less resources we have to use to produce more food.”

“You actually don't even really think about what's going into the bin, what we're throwing out,” said Sodexo Executive Chef John Valdez. “But once you keep track of it and it's letting you know the vegetables you're wasting and the trim waste for your proteins. It really opens your eyes.”

In May of 2019, Sodexo announced that it will deploy WWxLP to 3,000 sites worldwide, with a plan to roll the program out at all its sites by 2025.

Learn how foodservice operators around the world use Leanpath to prevent food waste.

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