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Video: Leanpath's Andrew Shakman on Food Waste Measurement at Seeds & Chips

By CJ Bonge, Marketing Coordinator  ///  June 26, 2018

Leanpath CEO Andrew Shakman took the stage at Seeds & Chips in Milano, Italy, to make the case for measuring food waste and for food waste prevention. Prevention is at the top of the food waste hierarchy for a reason: it’s the most environmentally impactful solution to the problem of food waste (it’s also the only solution that impacts your bottom line). Despite its prominence, prevention is often overlooked in favor of diversion efforts like composting and donation. It’s time to put the focus squarely on prevention. Andrew makes the argument in this video presentation.

For more highlights from Leanpath's time at the Seeds & Chips global food innovation summit, see our recap blog post: Leanpath at Seeds & Chips.

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