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Watch: Controlling food waste in COVID-era healthcare (webinar)

By Leanpath  ///  October 9, 2020


Healthcare is the most complex foodservice segment by far. Most have some mix of retail foodservice, catering, physician dining, other services like day care, and, of course, patient feeding with its clinical demands. Perhaps as a result of the complexity, healthcare foodservice, compared to other segments, also sees the highest rates of food waste, based on Leanpath data.

This represents a challenge, but also a huge opportunity as financial constraints are imposed due to increased costs from things like disposables. Collecting food waste data also represents an opportunity to refine forecasting during a time when volumes are changing and historical data is sparse. 

In this 40-minute webinar Leanpath CEO Andrew Shakman, on-staff Registered Dietician Amanda Lownes and Leanpath Executive Chef Robb White address the new challenges of food waste in our new normal, strategies for addressing those challenges before they become a problem, and the various benefits this can accrue to your kitchen.

Check it out right here.


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