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Sam Smith, Director of Marketing

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New Research Finds Hotels Saved $7 for Every $1 Invested in Reducing Food Waste

By Sam Smith, Director of Marketing  //  April 4, 2018

New research on behalf of Champions 12.3 finds there is a compelling business case for hotels to reduce the amount of food they throw away.  For every $1 hotels invested in programs to reduce kitchen food waste, on average they saved $7 in operating costs.

LeanPath contributed anonymized data on hotel food waste for the study. LeanPath CEO Andrew Shakman and VP of Food Waste Prevention Steve Finn served on the review committee for the report.

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New Food Waste Action Guides Reinforce Importance of Prevention and Value Of Waste Tracking

By Sam Smith, Director of Marketing  //  February 6, 2018

ReFED, the U.S.-based nonprofit working to reduce the nation’s food waste, just released two new Food Waste Action Guides to help restaurants and foodservice providers develop waste reduction plans.

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How the University of Illinois U-C reduced food waste by 63%

By Sam Smith, Director of Marketing  //  January 30, 2018

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign installed LeanPath scales in its eight dining halls and catering facility in 2013. Even though it was five years ago, Assistant Director of Dining Thurman Etchison still remembers the surprise of those first few weeks.

“The thing that shocked me the most was the dramatic decrease in food waste we saw from the start,” he says. “Over a month’s time, we dropped probably six to seven thousand pounds a week.”

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Reid Health: From $1,400 Per Week in Food Waste to $600 and Dropping

By Sam Smith, Director of Marketing  //  December 18, 2017

Central Indiana-based Reid Health is an independent, non-profit hospital with a broad and unique foodservice operation. The 207-bed hospital’s central kitchen doesn’t just feed patients and supply it’s cafe -- about 3,600 meals a day --  it also services a local Meals on Wheels, provides meals for the county Head Start program, and feeds children at a local residential facility. On top of that? Internal and external catering.

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The Hotel Industry and World Wildlife Fund Release Food Waste “Toolkit”

By Sam Smith, Director of Marketing  //  November 15, 2017

Hotel buffet lines are notorious waste generators. A recent study by Hyatt Regency Orlando found that guests were eating only about half of the food put out for them, and just 10 to 15 percent of the leftovers could be donated. The rest? Into the garbage with you!

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