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Leanpath makes it faster and easier to cut food waste and costs with new suite of prevention tools

By Sam Smith, Director of Marketing  ///  October 14, 2020


Leanpath is proud to announce the evolution of food waste prevention technology. Impact Suite is a powerful new set of tools that go beyond tracking food waste to actually guiding kitchens through specific actions to reduce their largest food waste issues.

Leanpath invented food waste tracking and analytics to help foodservice kitchens understand their food waste. With the Impact Suite, Leanpath now takes food waste technology beyond measurement to measurable impact.

At the center of Impact Suite is our Goals feature. Goals scans food waste data to identify a kitchen’s top food waste opportunities based on cost, frequency and other factors. Goals then creates action plans to address that waste and monitors, reports on and notifies chefs of progress on a daily and weekly basis. 

Data from beta testing has shown that kitchens using Goals saved an additional 3% of cost of goods sold as a percent of revenue versus sites that did not use the tool.

Next in the Impact Suite is Shared Goals, which takes the power of Goals and gives it to multi-site managers, allowing them to push action plans to groups of kitchens, aligning large teams around common objectives. The corporate food buyer knows the price of chicken is rising? She can push a shared goal to every kitchen to cut chicken waste.

As part of the Goals process or as a standalone tool, Alerts, the third pillar of the Impact Suite, notifies chefs and managers in real-time when their Goal items are being wasted, or when other high priority waste items have been recorded with Leanpath Trackers.

“Leanpath pioneered automated food waste tracking and analytics, allowing kitchens to quickly ‘see’ what they are wasting and why,” says Leanpath CEO Andrew Shakman. “Now our Impact Suite automates the next step in preventing food waste: turning that data into action.” 

As the foodservice industry continues to slowly reopen in the face of COVID-19, food waste tracking and prevention are tightly integrated with a kitchen’s ability to run efficiently as revenues are low and costs are high. The Impact Suite allows these kitchens to react quickly to food waste problems and address them more effectively. 

Contact us today to find out more about the Impact Suite and how Leanpath’s proven food waste prevention platform can meet your needs, scale and budget.


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