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Brennan Hogan, Marketing Manager

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[Video] LeanPath at 2016 WasteExpo

Posted by Brennan Hogan, Marketing Manager on September 23, 2016

LeanPath was invited to particpate and present at the 2016 WasteExpo event in June, a conference and tradeshow showcasing the latest in innovation in the waste management sector. Todd Pendexter, Business Development Manager at LeanPath, represented the food waste prevention sphere at the conference, speaking on trends and technology for reducing food waste in foodservice operations.

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First-Ever International Standard for Measuring Food Loss & Waste Launched

Posted by Brennan Hogan, Marketing Manager on July 5, 2016

One of our core beliefs at LeanPath is that we manage what we measure. It’s at the heart of our mission of making food waste prevention easy: measurement leads to understanding which leads to prevention. When LeanPath was founded in 2004, the concept of measuring food waste was largely a foreign one in many kitchens—that’s why we’re especially excited that last month, the Food Loss & Waste Protocol launched the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting (FLW) Standard, a first-of-its-kind framework designed to help organizations, nations, regions and other entities around the world report on food loss and waste. 

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9 Eye-Opening Food Waste Videos to Share with Your Team

Posted by Brennan Hogan, Marketing Manager on June 28, 2016

As the food waste movement continues to grow, more and more people around the world understand just how pressing the issue of wasted food is. From consumers, to foodservice managers, to chefs and beyond, everyone has a role to play in reducing food waste and loss along the supply chain.

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5 Factors Driving Food Waste in Foodservice

Posted by Brennan Hogan, Marketing Manager on April 29, 2016

Foodservice operations are often high-intensity, high-pressure environments. There are quotas to meet, quality to uphold, and regulations to comply with. And typically, food waste to contend with—up to 10% of all food purchased goes to waste in the kitchen in many foodservice operations.

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The Foodservice Operator's Guide to Food Recovery

Posted by Brennan Hogan, Marketing Manager on July 7, 2015

In the United States, every day we throw away enough food to fill the Rose Bowl Stadium while at the same time one in six Americans face hunger.

How can we turn these troubling statistics around? While there is no one solution, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Food Recovery Hierarchy (Figure 1) is a good place to start. Each level of the hierarchy has unique benefits, but this guide will focus on the second level from the top: feeding hungry people, or food donation.

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