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How Arizona State University cut food waste 39%

By LeanPath  //  September 20, 2018

The five dining halls on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus turn out close to 12,000 meals per day. They had tracked food waste manually before adopting LeanPath in February 2017. ASU is also using LeanPath's post-consumer waste tracker, Spark.

"LeanPath is a lot easier than manual tracking. Easier than we anticipated,” says Aramark foodservice director Kirby Lannom. “I thought it would be difficult to get employees to buy in and use it, but it didn’t take any time.”

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LeanPath Wins Global Game Changers Award

By LeanPath  //  September 14, 2018


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How Novotel Brisbane cut food waste 66%

By Sam Smith, Director of Marketing  //  September 6, 2018

Novotel Brisbane is a 296-room hotel located in the city’s business district. Executive Chef Sean Collins has focused his food waste tracking at the breakfast buffet, which serves 150-400 guests daily. The savings he's realized have been reinvested in the kitchen, leading to better product and steady menu pricing. “The whole exercise has bolstered our competitive edge. Not having to increase our prices to compensate for cost of goods: that’s given us a head start above our competitors.”

Collins has lead his team to a 66 percent reduction in waste value and 62 percent cut in waste weight.

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Looking at egg waste

By Robb White, CEC CCA AAC; Executive Chef & Food Waste Prevention Catalyst  //  August 17, 2018

This is a recurring feature where LeanPath Executive Chef Robb White examines real food waste images from LeanPath 360s and shares insights based on what he sees.

Overproduced scrambled eggs. This is such a common thing to see in our food waste photography. Breakfast buffetsor buffets in generalare difficult to match production to demand. Plus you've got the additional concern of having a visually bountiful spread. A recipe for waste. Eggs are often mass produced in the morning in big batches that aren’t justified by sales, but that buffet looks full!

Consider these tips to cut down on the waste:

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How Colleges are Preventing Food Waste Today

By Andrew Shakman, President & CEO  //  August 10, 2018

Based on LeanPath data, colleges and universities generate between 4-10 percent pre-consumer food waste (by value, as a percentage of food purchases). Post-consumer food waste--or plate waste--is often equivalent to the pre-consumer waste, suggesting between 8-15 percent total food waste.

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