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Food Donation: Resources to Get You Started

By Brennan Hogan, Marketing Manager  //  April 22, 2015

When you’ve done all that you can to prevent waste, the next best option on the EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy is feeding hungry people. And when one in six United States citizens receives food assistance, it's as important as ever to do our best to ensure excess edible food makes it to a hungry person instead of a landfill.

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Tip: "Chef's Choice"

By Dave Britton, Exec. Director of Operations  //  March 16, 2014

Picture this: you’re the head chef of a foodservice operation, it’s Friday evening, and it’s time to close the kitchen doors for the week and start prepping for the coming one. The thing is, you have a refrigerator full of leftovers from meals earlier in the week, and they’ll undoubtedly go bad. This scenario isn’t unfamiliar to many chefs in large foodservice operations, so what can be done to fix it?

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Tip: Preventing Food Waste: A Team Effort

By Dave Britton, Exec. Director of Operations  //  March 5, 2014

Earlier this month, we facilitated a session with some LeanPath clients to discuss best practices to utilize the LeanPath System and reduce more waste. Throughout the conversation, there was a common theme: Reducing food waste starts with cultivating a positive, waste-aware culture in the kitchen. Once your team is on board, reducing waste becomes second nature, resulting in less food wasted and more money saved.

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