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What Is LeanPath? [Video]

By Brennan Hogan, Assistant Marketing Manager  //  June 24, 2015

If you're looking for a more comprehensive overview of what the LeanPath system is and how it works, check out the video below as a first step. It covers the components, workflow, and benefits of our food efficiency management system in about two and a half minutes.

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How Much is that Wasted Food Costing You?

By Andrew Shakman, Co-Founder & CEO  //  June 16, 2015

(Hint: It's more than just the cost of the food getting trashed.)

Wasted food is wasted money. As a foodservice operator, you are very aware of this connection. But we’re not just talking about the cost of the food that you’re throwing away. Food cost is certainly a major factor, but it doesn’t stop there—you’re paying for that “waste” many times over. In fact, five times by our calculation. Here’s the cold hard truth about the cost of that pan of rosemary chicken headed for the waste bin:

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LeanPath Demos Zap Tracking Software at the 2015 NRA Show [Video]

By Janet Haugan, Director of Marketing  //  June 16, 2015

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show is the biggest show in the industry and LeanPath was there demoing our latest software that makes food waste reduction fun and easy. If you missed it, check out this 2.5-minute video to hear Andrew Shakman, LeanPath President and CEO, talk about how smart solutions can help people reduce food waste and food purchases, run a more environmentally responsible operation, and engage employees in a really meaningful way. See how the newest version of Zap tracking software works and how we’re teaming up with the NRA Conserve Program to make big impact in the restaurant industry.

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Go Green Tomato Brings First Tablet-Based Smart Food Waste Monitoring to the UK Market

By Janet Haugan, Director of Marketing  //  June 11, 2015

LeanPath Zap food waste software offers the most affordable way to cut food waste in half.

London, UK – 11 June 2015. Today, on 11 June, UK-based Go Green Tomato announces the availability of LeanPath Zap to the UK market. LeanPath Zap is a tablet-based solution that is the most affordable and effective way to monitor and prevent food waste using smart technology and cloud-based reporting services.

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Technology Trumps Food Waste in South Korea

By Brennan Hogan, Assistant Marketing Manager  //  May 29, 2015

* Content for this article was provided in part by the short film Wasted, by Karim Chrobog. Watch part 2 of the film here.

If you had to pay a fee for wasting food, would you cut back on what you throw out? South Korea bet on the answer being a resounding "yes," which is why it is now the country with the world's strictest food waste laws.

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