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Food Efficiency: Inspiring Sustainable Change in Commercial Kitchens

By Andrew Shakman, President & CEO  //  April 22, 2015

We all know employees are critical to our success, influencing perceptions of our brand, controlling the quality of our food and defining the overall guest experience.  But often operators struggle with staff engagement, finding it difficult to get people to tune in. This isn’t just unfortunate, it’s dangerous.

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Food Donation: Resources to Get You Started

By Brennan Hogan, Assistant Marketing Manager  //  April 22, 2015

When you’ve done all that you can to prevent waste, the next best option on the EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy is feeding hungry people. And when one in six United States citizens receives food assistance, it's as important as ever to do our best to ensure excess edible food makes it to a hungry person instead of a landfill.

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Community Spotlight: Boloco

By Janet Haugan, Director of Marketing  //  April 21, 2015

Boloco is a regional restaurant chain headquartered in Boston that offers bold and inspired wraps and smoothies. A Certified Green business but not one to boast, Boloco is “quietly doing our part to help the earth without making a big deal out of it.”

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5 Food Waste Myths to Debunk—Now!

By Andrew Shakman, President & CEO  //  March 12, 2015

Food waste: for some kitchens, it’s considered a four-letter word. It’s a topic that people avoid talking about, even if it means ignoring an elephant in the room. For other operations, food waste represents an opportunity for them to do better, save money and help the environment.

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Community Spotlight: St. Norbert College

By Janet Haugan, Director of Marketing  //  February 24, 2015

St. Norbert College, in De Pere, Wisconsin, serves about 2,200 students out of one main kitchen on two floors in its newly renovated Ruth's Marketplace dining hall. With a goal to be a zero waste dining program, they had already transitioned to “trayless” dining, started a composting program, and purchased a waste pulping machine. However, they were still experiencing a lot of waste and had a hard time controlling ever-rising food costs.

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