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Boo your part to avoid spooky amounts of wasted Halloween candy

Posted by Julie Meyers Cracel /// Business Development Manager on October 29, 2020

Halloween candy has a way of sticking around long-past its one night of fame, wasting away in the pantry until you remember to toss it out. Here at Leanpath, we’re typically focused on preventing large amounts of food waste in big foodservice kitchens. But even we can’t stomach wasting candy. So we’ve pulled together some inspiration to encourage you to use up those remaining treats that you just can’t force yourself to eat.

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Leanpath makes it faster and easier to cut food waste and costs with new suite of prevention tools

Posted by Sam Smith, Director of Marketing on October 14, 2020

Leanpath is proud to announce the evolution of food waste prevention technology. Impact Suite is a powerful new set of tools that go beyond tracking food waste to actually guiding kitchens through specific actions to reduce their largest food waste issues.

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World Food Day 2020: a call to action

Posted by Steven Finn, Vice President of Food Waste Prevention. on October 14, 2020

It is an exciting and eventful time in the food space. In September, we celebrated the first International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, which brings further awareness to the scale of the global food waste challenge and urges individuals to take action to stop food waste “for the people, for the planet.”

And on 16 October, we celebrate another very special day on the calendar – World Food Day.

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Watch: Controlling food waste in COVID-era healthcare (webinar)

Posted by Leanpath on October 9, 2020

Healthcare is the most complex foodservice segment by far. Most have some mix of retail foodservice, catering, physician dining, other services like day care, and, of course, patient feeding with its clinical demands. Perhaps as a result of the complexity, healthcare foodservice, compared to other segments, also sees the highest rates of food waste, based on Leanpath data.

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COVID-19 is impacting the quality of produce deliveries. Here’s how to keep it from leading to food waste.

Posted by Robb White, CEC CCA AAC; Executive Chef & Food Waste Prevention Catalyst on September 30, 2020

All facets of the foodservice industry have been affected by COVID-19, including food suppliers. The vendor partners we get our meats, seafood, and produce from are also seeing significant challenges as demand for products has reduced and supply in some areas is excessively high. The problem is, because demand is reduced, suppliers have more product on hand. This can sometimes lead to deliveries coming later in the window of freshness, which increases the risk of food waste. This is creating two issues: one, kitchens have to retrain their staff on inspecting produce; and two, operators need to figure out ways to use produce faster when they do get poor quality.

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Topics: Food Waste Strategies