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Leanpath partner IKEA hits big food waste milestone

Posted by Leanpath on February 28, 2019


With more than 420 stores in 52 markets worldwide IKEA is now two years into its ambitious program to reduce food waste in all the IKEA stores by 50% before end of August 2020. So far more than 1.4 million kilos of food have been saved since the program started, which is equivalent to more than 3 million meals (one meal equals 450 grams).

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How Leanpath won Sustainability Initiative of the Year

Posted by Leanpath on February 27, 2019

Food Matters Live caught up with Leanpath’s own Tom Mansel after we were awarded the group’s Sustainability Initiative of the Year Award.

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New Study Shows 7:1 ROI for Restaurant Food Waste Initiatives

Posted by CJ Bonge, Marketing Coordinator on February 21, 2019


A recently released, UN-backed study discovered a 7:1 ROI for restaurant food waste initiatives and shatters the notion that the associated costs of food loss and waste can remain buried in operational budgets, accepted as the cost of doing business, or considered not worth the investment needed to achieve reductions.

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How to repurpose some of the most commonly wasted foods

Posted by Robb White, CEC CCA AAC; Executive Chef & Food Waste Prevention Catalyst on February 12, 2019


In my years coaching chefs on how to prevent food waste, again and again I see three food items being wasted when they should have been repurposed.

A lot of chefs just aren’t sure what to do with them.

The big three are vegetable trim (broccoli stems, cauliflower cores, carrot peels, onions skins, etc.), fruits (whole and trim), and starches (rice, beans, potatoes, grains). It’s probably not a coincidence that none of these are high-priced proteins, which can sometimes be the only focus of a kitchen’s food waste prevention effort. To prevent trim waste before it happens, consider a knife skills refresher course, and once you improve those skills, turn to repurposing.

Repurposing is key to cutting the financial cost of food waste - labor cost - and inventory loss caused by food waste. Here’s how to tackle the big three by putting them to use instead of putting them in the bin.

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Leanpath Wins Two Rushlight Awards for Sustainable Technology

Posted by Leanpath on January 31, 2019


At a Royal Society gala in London January 30, Leanpath received the 12th annual Rushlight Environmental Management Award, one of the evening’s overall prizes for the most significant innovation in sustainable technology among 28 category winners. Leanpath also won in the category of Sustainability Initiative for work in expanding food waste prevention globally.

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