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Andrew Shakman Recognized with Green Award

By LeanPath  //  April 30, 2018

At an award ceremony in Denver, Colorado, in April, the Foodservice Consultants Society International recognized our CEO Andrew Shakman with its Green Award. It is the first time the award has been given since 2012 and recognizes Andrew's and LeanPath’s impact on food waste prevention: 20 million pounds of food waste prevented globally since 2014 alone.

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Sodexo and Leanpath’s Food Waste Partnership: How the “Impossible Becomes Possible”

By LeanPath  //  April 18, 2018

Paris-based VivaTech caught up with LeanPath and Sodexo for a VivaStory video. Sodexo is a signatory to UN Sustainable Development Target 12.3, which sets a target of 50% reduction in food waste per capita by 2030. Over 8 years of partnership, LeanPath and Sodexo have developed the highly customized WasteWatch powered by LeanPath food waste prevention platform to help it reach its food waste prevention goals.

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New Report Shows Ways to Help Solve North America's Food Loss and Waste Problem

By LeanPath  //  April 2, 2018

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) recently released a comprehensive report on the state of food loss and waste in Canada, Mexico and the United States developed through the CEC’s North American Initiative on Food Waste Reduction and Recovery. Characterization and Management of Food Loss and Waste in North America documents adverse socio-economic and environmental impacts of food loss and waste, and actions that the industrial, commercial, institutional, government and nongovernmental sectors can implement to mitigate these impacts.

LeanPath CEO Andrew Shakman is proud to be a supporting author to the report.

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IKEA Saves 1 Million Meals Through Food Waste Initiative

By LeanPath  //  March 13, 2018

Being careful with resources is a core value for IKEA and with the Food is Precious initiative IKEA aims to cut food waste by 50% in all IKEA stores by August 2020. A little more than a year since the roll out of the initiative IKEA has diminished food waste that is equivalent to one million meals.  To put that into a context; one million meals could feed one thousand people for a whole year. With one third of all food harvested or produced around the world being lost or thrown away everyday IKEA wants to inspire and enable people to think different about food waste and incorporate sustainability into their everyday life.

LeanPath is proud to be an IKEA partner.

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