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Sodexo prevents over 280 tonnes of food waste in the UK with Leanpath

Posted by Leanpath on October 1, 2021

Sodexo has deployed Leanpath at over 200 sites across the UK leading to the prevention of 280 tonnes of food waste, in line with its pledge to cut food waste across its organization by 50 percent by 2025. That puts Sodexo ahead of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal to halve food waste globally by 2030.

Reducing food loss and waste contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Sodexo's focus on food waste forms part of the organization's commitment to reducing its carbon emissions by 34 per cent by 2025, supporting its journey to a net zero world.

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International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste: a time to demand action

Posted by Leanpath on September 28, 2021

HubSpot Video

September 29 is the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste. Leanpath is proud to have played a role at the United Nations in creating this designation, now in its second year.

In recognition of this important day, Leanpath CEO Andrew Shakman offers a state of the global food waste fight in this two-minute video. Between one-third and one-half of global food production is still lost or wasted. At Leanpath we understand that the fight against food waste is winnable. We see it every day in kitchens around the world. 

But now is the time for broader action. Watch Andrew’s video for more.

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4 lessons on sustainability in healthcare foodservice post-Covid

Posted by Leanpath on July 9, 2021

The Association of Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) hosted a recent webinar focusing on why sustainability initiatives are so important right now. The webinar panel included Leanpath CEO Andrew Shakman alongside Gina Sadowski, Director for Nutrition, Culinary and Retail at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Richard Young, Director of Education at the Frontier Energy Foodservice Technology Center. Watch the full webinar here, and check out four key takeaways from the session below.

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Andrew Shakman: Tackle climate change and food insecurity by addressing food waste [2-min video]

Posted by Leanpath on June 29, 2021

HubSpot Video

"By addressing food waste we have an opportunity to address two of the biggest problems facing our people and our planet: climate change and food insecurity." Leanpath Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Shakman on the inspiration behind the B Corp he started, the enormous challenge--and opportunity--of food waste, and the simple change to kitchen culture that allows foodservice organizations to take control of their own food waste. All in 2 minutes.

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5 tips for talking to hospitality guests about food waste from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Posted by Leanpath on June 24, 2021

Hotel and cruise ship guests--like the majority of all consumers--expect brands to practice sustainability. When those sustainability practices include food waste prevention, it opens the opportunity to discuss the issue with guests, to get them involved in the effort and to bring well-deserved attention to your brand's good work. Talking about food waste can be the new talking-about-towel-reuse initiative! 

To help guide efforts, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recently published 5 tips for talking about food waste in its Toolkit For Communicating Food Waste To Guests.

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