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New Study Shows 7:1 ROI for Restaurant Food Waste Initiatives

Posted by CJ Bonge, Marketing Coordinator on February 21, 2019


A recently released, UN-backed study discovered a 7:1 ROI for restaurant food waste initiatives and shatters the notion that the associated costs of food loss and waste can remain buried in operational budgets, accepted as the cost of doing business, or considered not worth the investment needed to achieve reductions.

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Video Case Study : Preventing Food Waste at Google

Posted by Leanpath on November 9, 2018

Leanpath is deployed in nearly 200 Google cafes in 21 countries. Since 2014 when we started working together, Leanpath has helped Google prevent 4 million pounds of food waste from going to the landfill. See how they’ve done it.

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Does donating food help solve hunger? New paper suggests not.

Posted by Leanpath on February 28, 2017

Many foodservice operations incorporate donating excess edible food into their food waste strategy and overall mission to do good. The US EPA food recovery hierarchy, which has long been a guiding resource for prioritization of food waste solutions, positions feeding hungry people just below source reduction for preferred approaches to food waste. And it seems like it’s hard to argue with the inherent “good” that comes along with feeding hungry people, right?

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