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Leanpath prevents 12m pounds of food waste in 2020, 61m since 2014

By Sam Smith, Director of Marketing  ///  January 1, 2021


Despite the many challenges the foodservice industry faced in 2020, kitchens around the world working with Leanpath still prevented 12 million pounds (or 5 million kilos) of food from being wasted last year. A significant bright spot in an otherwise dark year. This takes Leanpath’s total for the past 6 years alone to 61 million pounds (28 million kilos) of food waste prevented.

As we often say, food waste is a nexus issue: when you prevent food waste from happening you also address some of the most pressing environmental problems we face. With the prevention of 61 million pounds of food waste, Leanpath clients also prevented over 24 billion gallons of water from being wasted, 194 thousand metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, and kept 51 million meals in the food system.

2020 also saw the launch of new innovative technology from Leanpath, including Leanpath Go, Leanpath Scout and the Impact Suite of prevention tools.

We’re also proud that as of 2020, Leanpath is now a Certified B Corporation.

We can acknowledge that success at the same time we say with pleasure: Goodbye 2020!

And here’s to a happy and healthy 2021!!

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