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Date Labels: Change Ahead?

By Connie Orson, Director of Customer Success  //  May 31, 2016

One of the drivers of food waste that we often highlight in LeanPath educational sessions is confusion around date labels. This can sometimes be the case in foodservice—where employees may be required to throw out products in bulk once they have reached a certain date—and often at home, where many consumers don't think twice about pouring a gallon of still-good milk down the drain if they see a date on it that has passed.

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Preventing Food Waste is Preferable to Biogas Conversion, Study Says

By Janet Haugan, Director of Marketing  //  February 26, 2016

Just last month the Norwegian University of Science and Technology released a study that compared the impact of collecting food waste to convert it to biogas (recycling) versus cutting food waste (prevention). A growing number of waste management plants in both the United States and Europe are processing food waste into biogas, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions when it replaces fossil fuels. But is this process a good long-term solution for the environment?

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Nation’s First-Ever Food Waste Goal: Cut Food Waste in Half by 2030

By Janet Haugan, Director of Marketing  //  September 24, 2015

In case you missed it, there was big news in food waste this month.

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LeanPath and the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger Team Up to Ensure Food Goes to Hungry Seniors, Not Trash Bins

By Janet Haugan, Director of Marketing  //  December 11, 2014

New “What a Waste”™ Program Launches Nationwide, with Washington D.C. as the First Stop

Portland, OR – December 11, 2014  Today LeanPath and the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger (NFESH) announced that they are teaming up to help feed more hungry seniors by focusing on food waste prevention across community-based, nonprofit nutrition programs that provide meals to seniors. LeanPath technologies, which enable kitchens and food programs to easily measure, monitor and diagnose food waste issues, will be used from the pantry to the kitchen to the dining room to evaluate how much of the food that’s supposed to be feeding seniors has been  going to waste.

The program, called “What a Waste™,” is an innovative anti-hunger initiative, designed by the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger. It teaches senior nutrition programs how to identify unnecessary food waste and reduce it, so the programs are able to feed more seniors with the limited resources they have available.

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Food Waste Reduction/Management in the Top 10 Culinary Trends for 2015

By Andrew Shakman, President & CEO  //  December 10, 2014

Early this month the National Restaurant Association released its “What’s Hot in 2015” forecast which includes the chef-predicted top culinary trends for the year. Nearly 1,300 chefs were surveyed and asked to prioritize and categorize a list of 231 items. The top four items for 2015 were consistent with those ranked in 2014 at the top of the list: locally sourced meats and protein, locally grown produce, environmental sustainability, and healthful kid menus.

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