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Andrew Shakman Recognized with Green Award

By LeanPath  //  April 30, 2018

At an award ceremony in Denver, Colorado, in April, the Foodservice Consultants Society International recognized our CEO Andrew Shakman with its Green Award. It is the first time the award has been given since 2012 and recognizes Andrew's and LeanPath’s impact on food waste prevention: 20 million pounds of food waste prevented globally since 2014 alone.

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Sodexo and Leanpath’s Food Waste Partnership: How the “Impossible Becomes Possible”

By LeanPath  //  April 18, 2018

Paris-based VivaTech caught up with LeanPath and Sodexo for a VivaStory video. Sodexo is a signatory to UN Sustainable Development Target 12.3, which sets a target of 50% reduction in food waste per capita by 2030. Over 8 years of partnership, LeanPath and Sodexo have developed the highly customized WasteWatch powered by LeanPath food waste prevention platform to help it reach its food waste prevention goals.

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Chartwells Hosts Stop Food Waste Day

By Sam Smith, Director of Marketing  //  April 13, 2018

Canada has a $31 billion food waste problem, according to recent research. When you add in resources, energy, water and land, it tops $100 billion in waste that builds even more of an impetus to act. Chartwells, a sector of Compass Group, feeds over 1 million Canadian students each day, and hosted the Stop Food Waste Day campaign on campuses across the country today to ensure their guests and associates know how they can help put a dent in this $100 billion problem.

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How Boston College Cut Over $400k in Food Waste Over Three Years

By Steven Finn, Vice President of Food Waste Prevention.  //  April 9, 2018


LeanPath had the pleasure of discussing food waste reduction at MassRecycle’s recent Recycling and Organics conference with a specific focus on source reduction at food service organizations.

We partnered with Sean Canny, Boston College Dining Services’ Assistant General Manager, who described BC Dining’s learning journey regarding food waste prevention since partnering with LeanPath in 2014.

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New Research Finds Hotels Saved $7 for Every $1 Invested in Reducing Food Waste

By Sam Smith, Director of Marketing  //  April 4, 2018

New research on behalf of Champions 12.3 finds there is a compelling business case for hotels to reduce the amount of food they throw away.  For every $1 hotels invested in programs to reduce kitchen food waste, on average they saved $7 in operating costs.

LeanPath contributed anonymized data on hotel food waste for the study. LeanPath CEO Andrew Shakman and VP of Food Waste Prevention Steve Finn served on the review committee for the report.

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