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Reducing food waste by changing behavior in the kitchen

Posted by Steve Finn, VP of Food Waste Prevention & Sam Smith, Director of Marketing on November 24, 2020

UK-based WRAP, the Waste Resources Action Programme, recently announced a food waste reduction campaign entitled “Wasting food: it’s out of date.” This is a highly visual effort to convey the scale of the food waste challenge through eye-opening facts (ex. the UK discards 20 million slices of bread daily) and the associated deep environmental, social, and financial impacts (ex. over 500,000 acres of land are unnecessarily used to produce the inputs for that wasted bread).

Building on WRAP’s Love Food, Hate Waste work, the idea is to further educate UK citizens on the severity of the food waste challenge and catalyze change at the consumer level, where 70% of the UK’s food waste occurs.

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How Colleges are Preventing Food Waste Today

Posted by Andrew Shakman, President & CEO on August 10, 2018

Based on LeanPath data, colleges and universities generate between 4-10 percent pre-consumer food waste (by value, as a percentage of food purchases). Post-consumer food waste--or plate waste--is often equivalent to the pre-consumer waste, suggesting between 8-15 percent total food waste.

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Harvard conference: food waste measurement in focus

Posted by Steven Finn, Vice President of Food Waste Prevention. on July 31, 2018


US Food Waste Summit, panel on Measurement of Food Waste. Panelists from left to right: Andrew Shakman, LeanPath, Inc.  |  Nell Fry, Sodexo  |  Kai Robertson, World Resources Institute  |  Alison Grantham, Blue Apron  |  Lisa Johnson, North Carolina State University  |  Jackie Suggitt, ReFED 

LeanPath recently returned from the US Food Waste Summit in Cambridge, MA, a powerful event led by the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic and ReFED which brought together leaders from all over the globe to focus on solutions to the food waste challenge.

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Video: Leanpath's Andrew Shakman on Food Waste Measurement at Seeds & Chips

Posted by CJ Bonge, Marketing Coordinator on June 26, 2018

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