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Sodexo ties financing to action on food waste

Posted by Leanpath on September 25, 2019

In a first for a global foodservice company, Sodexo has tied its financing to its performance in preventing food waste. The company announced yesterday it renewed its €1.3 billion revolving credit facility,  which now incorporates a pricing adjustment based on Sodexo's performance towards its goal to prevent 50% of the food waste and food losses from its operations by 2025.

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Leanpath launches the 12.3 Initiative to expand reach of food waste prevention tools and research

Posted by Steven Finn, Vice President of Food Waste Prevention. on September 23, 2019

We're excited to announce today the launch of the Leanpath 12.3 Initiative, an effort to expand the reach of food waste prevention knowledge and tools to non-profits and educational organizations.

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Guardians of Grub campaign empowers foodservice professionals to reduce food waste

Posted by Leanpath on September 5, 2019

A bold new foodservice industry campaign called Guardians of Grub, is empowering foodservice professionals in the UK and beyond to Stand Up for Food and reduce food waste during the month of September.
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It’s Earth Overshoot Day. Not a cause for celebration.

Posted by Steven Finn, Vice President of Food Waste Prevention. on July 29, 2019

Today, July 29, is Earth Overshoot Day.  It’s a critically important day for everyone interested in advancing food waste reduction and ensuring a sustainable future.

Earth Overshoot Day represents the point in the year where humanity’s demand for ecological resources (our collective ecological footprint) exceeds the Earth’s ability to supply them (biocapacity). The Global Footprint Network maintains the annual calculation of Earth Overshoot which has, unfortunately, been moving steadily forward (i.e. earlier in the calendar) over time. In 1989, for example, Earth Overshoot Day fell on October 11, while this year it is occurring more than two months earlier, the earliest, in fact, it’s ever fallen. That movement – more than two months in just 20 years -- is cause for great concern because it indicates the accelerated rate at which we are taxing our planet’s finite resources. It isn’t sustainable.

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Q&A with Leanpath's new VP of Sales, Scott Allmendinger

Posted by Leanpath on July 25, 2019

We're excited to welcome Scott Allmendinger to the front lines of the fight against food waste as Leanpath's Vice President of Sales. Scott has been a chef, award-winning writer, and sales team leader, but his favorite job? Dishwasher. Learn more about the newest member of our team.

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