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Metz Culinary Management Announces 30% Food Waste Reduction with Leanpath

International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste 2023: Time for Action

6 stats that illustrate the crisis and opportunity of food waste in foodservice

Ideas for repurposing overproduced and leftover carrots

Uniworld Sustainability Officer wins Future Lights Award for preventing food waste with Leanpath

Ideas for repurposing overproduced mashed potatoes

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Food Waste and Climate Change: Making the Connection

Making it safe to talk about food waste in your kitchen

How this NHS hospital prevented over 3.5 tonnes of food from going to waste

Chef Dugan Wetzel on cutting food waste by 32% in 3 months at Eskenazi Health

Leanpath integrates with CBORD to deliver more precise and actionable food waste data

Latest ReFED release reveals importance of prioritizing prevention

Debunking the limiting belief that measuring food waste is “too hard”

Leanpath introduces AI-powered food waste prevention coaching

4 of top 8 actions to avoid climate change relate to food waste prevention

Top Tips to prevent food waste from overproduction

Q&A with Compass Group Australia's National Food Waste Reduction Manager Winston Hugh

Leanpath wins MURTEC's Industry Heroes Award

Making the business case for food waste prevention

The industry is buying more frozen product. Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t lead to more waste.

New carbon reduction guide for healthcare focuses on food waste

Stanford University Food Waste Prevention Playbook offers best practices for climate-smart dining

Addressing food waste tops 2023 foodservice trend lists: this is the year for action!

The University of Wisconsin-Madison launches  Leanpath through its Green Fund program

Pledging action at COP27

Sodexo North America has saved over 9 million meals from going to waste with Leanpath

Up your food storage game: reduce waste and deal with supply chain disruptions

4 questions to reveal whether your kitchen's trim waste is under control

Consumer awareness of the food waste crisis continues to rise

5 food waste questions I always get asked

Climate, water and food shortages top consumer concerns: food waste prevention addresses all

Food waste prevention myth #1: My team doesn’t have time to track and prevent food waste

Sodexo Middle East reports big food waste and carbon reductions using Leanpath

Insights from 3 weeks of travel in food waste-conscious kitchens

Pandemic more than doubled consumer awareness of food waste

To Achieve Our Food Waste Goals, We Must Overcome Limiting Beliefs

ReFED Summit 2022: key takeaways and moving forward

The end of kitchen service is a critical moment to control food waste. Here's how to plan for it.

Stop Food Waste Day arrives as global food prices jump to highest level on record

Earth Day 2022: "Don't underestimate the importance of food waste."

Preventing food waste in senior dining, a case study

Celebrating B Corp Month

Leanpath is nominated for the Earthshot Prize

Google announces ambitious food waste goal, 10 million pounds already prevented with Leanpath

New report reveals the real impact of methane—and food waste—on global warming

Buffets are making a come-back: 4 tips to keep food waste at bay

Sodexo site wins US EPA award for preventing 5,242 meals from going to waste using Leanpath

E-book: 5 tips to avoid food waste when labor is tight

Daily routines lead to big food waste reduction at the University of Virginia

Top 5 blog posts of 2021

2021 in Review: Leanpath prevents 14 million pounds of food waste; 90 million total

Maximizing impact through food with DC Central Kitchen

How this healthcare system focused its team and cut its food waste in half

When food is wasted, labor is wasted - Prevent Food Waste

Food Waste Quiet on COP26 Agenda, but Impact Can't be Overlooked

Food waste tops list of highest impact college and university sustainability priorities

The University of Rochester cuts food waste 46% with Leanpath

Sodexo prevents over 280 tonnes of food waste in the UK with Leanpath

International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste: a time to demand action

Leanpath introduces a new way to understand your food donations

Tips to reduce your plastic waste AND food waste

Labor, food costs and efficiency: The financial urgency of food waste prevention in 3 charts

Environmental impact of China’s food waste is equal to that of an entire country’s emissions

Avoid food waste due to "mishandling"

4 lessons on sustainability in healthcare foodservice post-Covid

Andrew Shakman: Tackle climate change and food insecurity by addressing food waste [2-min video]

5 tips for talking to hospitality guests about food waste from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

5 team challenges to focus your staff on food waste

Food waste reduction means greenhouse gas emissions reduction

How to accelerate global food waste reduction: 7 key takeaways

10 ways professional chefs prevent food waste at home: tips to share with your team

3 food waste questions to address expiration issues

7 reasons why food waste prevention matters: a week of insights leading up to Earth Day

Sodexo rolls out Leanpath in Thailand

Google prevents 9.2 million pounds of food waste with Leanpath

"The new war on waste" tops 2021 trend forecasts

Sodexo rolls out Leanpath at 1,200 sites globally - Food Waste

Major new ReFED report ranks prevention and tracking as most impactful food waste solutions

18 creative and efficient ways to repurpose fruit and vegetable trim

How Mount Holyoke College used food waste tracking for Covid-19

Leanpath prevents 12m pounds of food waste in 2020, 61m since 2014

Leanpath and DC Central Kitchen expand 12.3 Initiative partnership

Top 5 blog posts of 2020

Reducing food waste by changing behavior in the kitchen

Report: fixing the food system key to meeting Paris climate targets

Listen to Leanpath CEO Andrew Shakman on the Nothing Wasted Podcast

Leanpath makes it faster and easier to cut food waste and costs with new suite of prevention tools

World Food Day 2020: a call to action

Watch: Controlling food waste in COVID-era healthcare (webinar)

COVID-19 is impacting the quality of produce deliveries. Here’s how to keep it from leading to food waste.

New report: Anaerobic digestion is no silver bullet for food waste

Leanpath Scout, a new food waste Tracker for lower-volume kitchens

ReFED, Leanpath and others offer food waste guidance when reopening

Leanpath is now a Certified B Corporation

Leanpath launches mobile food waste measuring device for COVID-era menus

4 tips to create a more food-waste aware menu

Leanpath is taking action to foster diversity, equity and inclusion

Food waste ranks highest among F&B customer concerns

COVID-19 changes consumer attitudes toward food waste

Data shows lower food volumes can lead to more food waste

A new global partnership to scale food waste prevention

How Swedish hospital cut its food waste by 53 percent

Anticipating and preventing food waste as you reopen your kitchens

New food waste realities–and opportunities

10 lessons from 10 years of food waste prevention at Martinsburg VA

50 food waste prevention ideas for Earth Day’s 50th anniversary

A low-waste grab-and-go program

Food storage best practices: How to extend the life of your food

How healthcare foodservice is adapting

COVID-19 reminds us that foodservice is central to community and connection

Using custom date ranges to track COVID-19 impacts on food waste

Supporting World Water Day

COVID-19 and food waste prevention

Free resources: Focusing on kitchen efficiency during slow times

See how Marriott's Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville reduced food waste 66%

Leanpath 12.3 Initiative update: partnering on research with SESYNC

How the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa Edinburgh cut waste 64%

Leanpath receives high sustainability impact ranking

IKEA Canada reaches food waste goal

New report: food waste increases in UK foodservice sector

A decade of action: 10 years to halve global food waste

Reducing food waste at the salad bar

Celebrating 2019: 15 million meals kept from the bin

8 objections to food waste measurement, and how to respond

Reducing food waste during the holiday season

Google's perspective on food waste: A circularity strategy

Vegetable waste’s surprising contribution to greenhouse gas emissions

Chef Ann Cooper and Leanpath create new food waste engagement tools for elementary schools

Chefs Roundtable, Part 3 - Staff Engagement Strategies

Scaling food waste prevention at the ReFED Food Waste Summit 2019

How the Hilton San Diego Bayfront achieved massive food waste reductions

Our actions are our future: World Food Day 2019

Leanpath partners with SaaS Capital to accelerate food waste prevention

Andrew Shakman wins Special Achievement Award

Chefs Roundtable, Part 2 - Menu planning tips to prevent food waste

Sodexo ties financing to action on food waste

Chefs Roundtable, Part 1 - Inventory strategies to prevent food waste

Leanpath launches the 12.3 Initiative to expand reach of food waste prevention tools and research

Rethinking the Food System: World Food Summit 2019

Andrew Shakman on the Business Chef Podcast

Guardians of Grub campaign empowers foodservice professionals to reduce food waste

Big food waste reduction in a grocery’s central kitchen

Top food waste sources and how to prevent them: Equipment Failure

Questions I get asked: How does a food waste tracking device fit into my kitchen?

How to think about the new UN climate report

5 ways to engage your staff around food waste prevention

It’s Earth Overshoot Day. Not a cause for celebration.

Q&A with Leanpath's new VP of Sales, Scott Allmendinger

5 food waste trends from the 2019 NACUFS National Conference

40 Million pounds of food waste prevented in 5 years

How IKEA West Chester kept nearly 5k meals from going to waste

Leanpath Wins Two Global Good Awards

Andrew Shakman on the past, present and future of food waste

See how The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City reduced food waste by 54% with Leanpath

How IKEA Burbank cut food waste 30%, saving 10k meals

See how Sodexo prevents food waste with Leanpath

Sodexo announces bold commitment to food waste prevention: Leanpath deployment at 3,000 sites worldwide

12 food waste questions I get asked all the time

See what 15 years of innovation has meant to the foodservice industry

Reflecting on 15 years of fighting food waste

Leanpath celebrates Earth Day with Heart 2 Heart Farms

Leanpath increases its rate of global food waste prevention to 1 pound every 2 seconds

US agencies announce collaboration to fight food waste

Food Waste "Prevention" vs "Recovery" - Words Matter

Video Case Study: Healthcare Food Waste Strategies at Palomar Health

Food waste prevention means more efficient labor - Labor cost

The cost of doing nothing about food waste is higher than you think

Leanpath partner IKEA hits big food waste milestone

How Leanpath won Sustainability Initiative of the Year

New Study Shows 7:1 ROI for Restaurant Food Waste Initiatives

How to repurpose some of the most commonly wasted foods

Leanpath Wins Two Rushlight Awards for Sustainable Technology

3 knife skills videos to help slash food waste

New Study Links Healthy Diet, Food Waste and Climate Change

Visualizing Food Waste Prevention

Leanpath 2018 Year In Review

Looking at Potato Waste

2 Birds 1 Stone: Preventing Food Waste Prevents Plastic Waste

Leanpath Wins Sustainability Initiative of the Year Award

6 Tips for Preventing Holiday Buffet Waste

Video Case Study : Preventing Food Waste at Google

New look. Same cause.

Andrew Shakman Gets Waste Fit Champion Award

U.S. Government Ratifies Commitment to Food Waste Reduction

LeanPath team digs deep for World Food Day 2018

LeanPath Wins EMIES Distinguished Program Award

New Climate Report: Urgent Change Needed

James Beard Foundation & LeanPath Team Up to Prevent Food Waste

The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Food Waste at the Buffet

How Is the World Doing Toward Halving Food Loss and Waste?

How Arizona State University cut pre- AND post-consumer food waste

LeanPath Wins Global Game Changers Award

How Novotel Brisbane cut food waste 66%

How College of Charleston prevents food waste with LeanPath

Looking at egg waste

How Colleges are Preventing Food Waste Today

Harvard conference: food waste measurement in focus

How IKEA Lyssach cut food waste 45%

LeanPath wins Sodexo Vendor of the Year Award